ISO 9001:2015

oms presse

OMS Presse Srl’s Company Policy

After more than 20 years of consolidating its operational practices, OMS Presse Srl is working to adhere to and certify a business model that complies with the EN ISO 9001:2015 standard. Since our business operates in an innovative world, we aim to develop skills and knowledge throughout the company. This goal lies at the heart of the OMS Presse Srl company policy.

Customer-Focused and Context Analysis

Customer needs must be taken into account and given top priority in all of our day-to-day activities. This is why, over recent years, OMS Presse Srl has been investing in research and development to look into new technologies within the light metals die casting industry. The result is plant / machinery that has been designed and customised to adapt to the needs of the most demanding suppliers, with a minimal environmental impact and lower energy consumption.

Product and Service Quality Risk Analyses

Because we provide our services in very complex environments, we have to perform in-depth analyses of the critical issues that could occur during normal operations to make sure we meet our clients’ expectations. A careful analysis of past factors affecting the likelihood of a risk occurring, the severity of the repercussions on the product / service, and the ease of detection has allowed us to monitor the most dangerous situations so that we can take precautionary measures and introduce special management processes.

Responsibility and Leadership

Within our business, it is vital that each person takes responsibility for themselves and their work. The coordinators are in charge of creating conditions that promote collaboration between staff.

Approach to Processes and Continual Improvement

The business is structured around processes that must be effective and efficient. Every year, the management outlines the indicators and objectives for measuring and monitoring these processes. All OMS Presse Srl staff are then updated on our progress.
During the annual data analysis, the management will agree on initiatives that foster continual improvement and in which all staff are invited to actively participate.

Relationships with Partners and Suppliers

Providing a quality service means having suitable suppliers and partners. It is the responsibility of everyone, together with the Quality Manager and other managers, to select suppliers and establish a clear, productive relationship with them.

In conclusion, these are the main bases on which our business is founded. I expect everyone to share them and take them on board. The Directors and the Quality Manager are always available to help if you have any questions or suggestions.