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Company Profile

OMS Presse has been working in the sector of the production of cold chamber die-casting systems for light aluminum , brass and magnesium alloys for more than twenty years. The experience gained in the field and the constant focus on new technologies and on the selection of highly specialized staff and suppliers has enabled this company to become the ideal partner for foundries all over the world. These companies chose and continue to choose OMS Presse for manufacturing machinery developed and customized in the smallest detail, which comply to the most complex supply specifications

isole di pressofusione
isole di pressofusione

In particular, OMS Presse is committed to the creation of die-casting systems able to optimize production cycles and therefore to guarantee the best quality/price ratio in order to meet one of the main requirements of modern foundries: effectively and efficiently reducing operating costs.   Furthermore the Company focuses on safety Standards, which are indispensable in this sector and on ecological issues: it has developed a special line of systems and of die-casting islands with the lowest environmental impact possible with reduced energy costs. OMS Presse has a production plant of 3,000 square meters , where 16 machine models, from 350 up to 3,500 tons, are produced.

All electronic and hydraulic components used for manufacturing the die-casting systems are supplied by the leading producers at an international level in order to guarantee the best quality and reliability, as well as easy procurement in the market. OMS Presse offers the optimization and engineering of the products, careful customer service, care for the environment and a large availability of spare parts in the warehouse. OMS Presse is not only a leading company in the production of state-of-the art systems, but also in the supply of complementary services which are indispensable to guarantee the highest efficiency and quality to its customers.