Energy Saving

Energy Saving Range

Only the energy needed.
Die casting cells with minimal environmental

and low operating costs.

Average Energy Consumption Kw/h

The great focus and awareness of OMS Presse towards environmental and “green” issues has brought the company to develop a special range of die-casting machines for light alloys, which have a very low environmental impact and energy consumption. The Energy Saving range of presses distinguishes itself for the following performance:

  • Energy saving up to 70%
  • Saving of the water used for cooling fluids up to 80%
  • Simplification of the cooling system
  • Simplification of the hydraulic system through the elimination of proportional valves
  • Reduced sound emission
  • Optimisation of the cycle times
  • Reduction of the press dimensions
  • Lower stress on the components

All the products of the Energy Saving range of OMS Presse use the energy which is strictly necessary, avoid waste and, at the same time, optimize operating times and costs. The main characteristic of these die-casting systems with low energy consumption is the use of a range of synchronous servomotors with permanent magnets combined with a gear pump which has replaced the old vane pump. The new Energy Saving systems have a hydraulic tank smaller in size by 30% which makes it possible to reduce the costs for fluid procurement and disposal and safeguards the environment. The new hydraulic circuit, which has been modified, makes it possible to control the delivery and pressure parameters of the fluid used and to eliminate traditional proportional valves completely. Thus the new synchronous servomotors of OMS Presse make it possible to achieve acceleration ramps in a few thousands of seconds and to optimise the pressure and the delivery

required by the production cycle. The Energy Saving die-casting machine range is the ideal solution to optimise the Company’s productivity and to combine the latter with efficiency and care for the environment by reducing consumption. This is a concrete, innovative, state-of-the art reaction to the operating requirements of a sector which is becoming more and more needful and demanding. The Energy Saving range , as well as the whole production of OMS Presse is in full compliance with the international Standards concerning safety and undergoes meticulous internal quality controls up to its final commissioning.

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