Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0

The advantages of OMS Presse systems
based on the Industry 4.0 model

With over twenty years’ experience in the design and production of cold chamber die-casting machinery, OMS Presse is the perfect partner for light alloy die-casting foundries, providing a wide professional range of presses with their hallmark strength, efficiency and maximum productivity. The company production now includes presses for Industry 4.0, which perfectly meet the new

emerging industrial model. OMS’s presses are designed and built to communicate with the various equipment nodes that accompany the cell, with all their sensors, actuators, transducers and electrical power systems. The machine supervision software is also connected to the local factory network (Intranet) and to the Internet through a Wi-Fi connection. Thanks to these design and construction

characteristics, OMS presses and cells fall perfectly within the specifications set by the category of functional goods controlled by computerised systems based on the new Industry 4.0 model, which defines the recent “industrial revolution” heavily focused on the development and use of digital technology as a new automated, interconnected production system.


OMS’s production includes top-quality high-tech presses for Industry 4.0.

  • Simplified and modernised connecting network,
    with less wiring.
  • Perfectly compliant with the latest workplace
    health, safety and hygiene parameters in
    accordance with the Machinery Directive.
  • First move towards the complete remote control of the entire system:
    o  management/updating
    and optimization of software
    o  diagnostics of production downtime
    and work parameters
    o  machine status check-ups and troubleshooting
    o  production progress
  • Improved compatibility with the most
    innovative digital tools::
    o  Highly interactive human machine interface
    o  Access to functionality parameters divided
    by security levels through badges or tokens
    with RFID technology
    o  Creation of a single database for the cell
    to manage production parameters
    o  Post-process analysis of statistical data
    o  Smart adaptivity and reactivity methods
    to process deviations
  • Implementation of a fields network
    and an Ethernet connection:
    o  SQL Database Management Systems
    o  Mobile Devices
    o  Internet/Cloud Data Sharing

The design and construction of presses for industry 4.0 is once again proof of the high level of innovation, technological expertise and commitment to research and development at OMS, which has always proven to be in keeping with the times and perfectly capable of efficiently and productively meeting the specific requirements of the ever-evolving market.