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Three words summarize

the strenght of our product:

sturdiness, efficiency

and productivity.

The experience of OMS Presse in the sector of die-casting machines for light alloys and its constant research for and development of innovative solutions for improving productivity enables the Company to offer its customers a complete series of linear metal ladles. The feeders produced by this company can be anchored to the injection crossbar by means of a beam or directly onto the floor using a support column.The range of CML ladles consists of three models having different strokes and a different capacity of the metal collection cup. The following ladles are available: ladle model CML20, CML25 and CML30. These ladles are used for die-casting machines up to 700

tons (with a capacity up to 10 Kg.), up to 1150 tons (with a capacity up to 10 Kg.) and up to 2,150 tons (with a capacity up to 30 Kg.) respectively. The advantages of the linear dosing unit produced by OMS presses are robustness, compactness and reliability, as well as being able to set collection and pouring times to an earlier point in time. All the movements of the equipment are controlled by transducers which make it possible to set the collection and pouring data of the alloy directly from the control panel. The speed and acceleration can be regulated from the panel by means of an inverter. OMS Presse has developed specific software able to tie the cycle time of

the doser to the machine production cadenza, whereby a rapid rhythm is created to the advantage of productivity. The quality of the castings is guaranteed by repeated and precise collection of the established quantity of metal. that the established quantity of metal is collected repeatedly and correctly. The production of the lines of ladles takes place in the Company’s plant in the province of Brescia. OMS Presse carefully follows every phase of the processing, including the assembly of components and their commissioning before sale.

Technical Data Loaders Series CML

Max vertical strokemm130013001600
Max horizontal strokemm200025003000
Max ladle heightmm240024002600
Total lenghtmm260031003700
Max cup capacity Kg101030
Max horizontal speedm/s0,70,70,5
Dry cycleh270180130
Die casting machine sizet70011502150
OMS Presse - caricatore particolare 2
OMS Presse - caricatore particolare 1
OMS Presse - caricatore particolare 3
OMS Presse - caricatore