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OMS PRESSE - caricatore per presse

OMS Presse produces two series of lubricators, one is located on the hood and the other on the fixed platen. Our company offers three different sizes of the first type of lubricators: 14/C, 16/C AND 18/C, developed for a range of die-casting machines up to 650 tons, up to 1,200 tons and 1,850 tons respectively. The lubricators located on the fixed platen are available in four models with a different length of the vertical (and horizontal) stroke: 14/09, 16/11, il 16/15 and 18/16, designed for a range of die-casting machines up to 650 tons, up to 1,200 tons and 1,850 tons respectively.

The lubricators of the SP series manufactured by OMS Presse have optimal performance in terms of high speed strokes, easy use and simple management. This is due to the use of an intuitive and quickly programmable software and to the great robustness which guarantees maximum resistance in time, even under difficult operating conditions. Lubrication cycles can be programmed and saved through the operator’s panel with touch-screen during the die-casting process due to the self-learning mode. We use PLC Siemens S7 units. The lubrication

nozzles are of variable size and can be structured in accordance with the customer’s requirements in order to accurately apply the releasing agent in terms of quantity and direction in a targeted way. There is also the possibility to have up to three lubrication circuits with separate control and an independent blowing circuit within the range. OMS Presse produces releasing agent collection and mixing units with the possibility to select from the operator’s panel the quantity of lubricant concentration . A pump or a pneumatic cylinder pressurizes the lubricant.

Technical Data Lubrificators Series SP

Vertical strokemm1400160018001400160016001800
Horizontal strokemm000900110015001600
Max vertical speedm/s1,21,21,31,20,90,91,3
Max horizontal speedm/s0000,80,70,70,8
Air consumption with 5 bar and 10 nozzleslt/s50505050505050
Installed powerKw4484888
Die casting machine sizet65012001850650100015002500
OMS Presse - lubrificatore particolare 2
OMS Presse - lubrificatore particolare 1
OMS Presse lubrificatore
OMS Presse - lubrificatore