Presse Series OMS

Three words summarize the strenght of our product:

sturdiness, efficiency and productivity.

macchine da pressofusione

OMS Presse has been specializing in the engineering and production of cold chamber die-casting machines for light alloys for more than twenty years and today it is the ideal partner for foundries in this sector all over the world. The whole production of OMS Presses has three main characteristics: robustness, efficiency and productivity. OMS Presse is constantly committed to the search for and development of state-of-the art solutions in order to optimize operating results by reducing costs and increasing the yield of the systems. This is why all presses manufactured by this company are carefully developed in order to reduce maintenance work to a minimum and to guarantee that their running conditions are good

for decades. The range of cold chamber die-casting machines offered by OMS Presse includes 16 models with a different closing force: from 350 up to 3,500 tons. They are used for light alloys such as aluminum, magnesium and brass. All presses are ideal for the production of components for the automotive, telecommunication, electronics, lighting and heating sectors and civil works. The experience gained by OMS Presse in this sector over the decades has led to clear advantages for our customers. The range of OMS Presse die-casting machines is characterized by a higher productivity of the systems and the optimization of the the cycle times, the very long lifetime of the machines, which remain highly efficient

and their easy programming and use. Die-casting machines are produced in the Company’s plant, in the province of Brescia, where every step of the individual items, up to the final test, is carried out. Mechanical, electronic and hydraulic components come from the best qualified producers at an international level in order to guarantee the highest standard for reliability of the finished machines. A large warehouse for spare parts and accessories enables us to supply orders within 24 hours. OMS Presse also offers long distance customer service in connection with its cold chamber die-casting machines.

Technical Data Presses Series OMS

Locking forceKN36304700560063008350950010000113001330016500186002110023000255003200036500
Ejection forceKN200245325325355355355420420565565630650700870950
Max injection forceKN3054355207357357357358509701165130515701570165018502000
Platen dimensionsvert. mm950110011901190143514351535152017351920192021102170237024752780
orizz. mm940110011801180132514251490165016501930193021202160235024752780
Distance between tie - barsvert. mm61070075074085084090096011001200118013501350145016001750
orizz. mm61070075074085084090096011001200118013501350145016001750
Die heightmax. mm650700780780900900900105011001200120014501450165017702000
min. mm200250325325400400400450450500500600600750800900
Tie - bars diametermm115130140150165175180190205230250260280300330350
Moving platen strokemm54060068068085085085097010761200120013601360144016401720
Ejection strokemm135140165165200200200230230300300300300350350400
Nominal injection area 400 barcm²975122514751575212524502450275032503875462553755750637580009125
Max shot weight (Al)kg3,57991213,513,5222227273434405060
Min-max sleeve diametermm50÷8050÷10050÷11050÷11070÷12570÷12580÷14080÷14080÷14080÷14580÷14590÷15590÷155100÷170100÷180130÷200
Drive powerKw303030373745552x302x372x452x452x552x552x752x753x55
Dry cycles (free) sec. DIN 24480cicli/h550420420400340340340300300280280250250250160120
Overall dimensionsLarghezza62706500750075008550855085509600104001100113001200012100145001450016500
Injection positionsmm0÷1800÷2000÷2700÷2700÷3000÷300÷3000÷3400÷3400÷3400÷3400÷4500÷4500÷5000÷5300÷530
Weight of machinekg1500018000250002600038000400004300056000720009300098000140000145000175000200000250000