Training Courses

OMS Presse

Training Courses
System use and maintenance training courses
held by a team of professionals in
the die-casting sector.

Training Courses

In order to offer its customers a more and more complete and useful service, OMS Presse avails itself of a team of professionals in the die-casting sector. It organizes training courses to learn how to use and maintain machines in accordance with pre-established or customized programmers. Our Company , located in Brescia, has an in-depth know-how in the field of training, which makes it compete in the market as a dynamic company meeting customer requirements, able to offer foundries professional skills with a high added value. After evaluating the customer’s specific requirements, OMS Presse supports him in the identification of the most suitable training course for improving and promoting the customer’s company. The subjects of the courses include the maintenance of systems, the correct use of the

whole island, finding solutions in the case of alarms, industrial engineering of production processes, the analysis of the safety Standards in force and the definition of the foundry layout. The training courses can be held both at the Company’s headquarters in Lograto (BS) or, on request, at the customer’s headquarters. The courses are at three levels: basic, intermediate, skilled. At the end of each course tests are carried out to control successful learning and participation certificates are released. The students who subscribe to the courses not only receive technical training, but can practice directly on the systems with the support of our tutors. Investing in personnel training means safeguarding the workers’ health and safety and reducing machine downtimes to the great advantage of the company’s production costs. The training courses of

OMS Presse are part of a wider service programme offered to foundries and aimed at improving their production efficiency, safety and quality. This program includes remote customer service in real time and the spare part and warehouse service 7 days a week.