The customer at the heart of the production process
OMS your ideal partner for die casting foundries.

Training and meetings for a high-performance future

OMS Presse has recently opened new facilities specifically designed for training die-casting companies at our company headquarters in Lograto, in the province of Brescia, where professional technical courses are already regularly organised on the use and maintenance of machinery. Drawing inspiration from the world of universities and research, the company has launched a development process to create an open, innovative environment focused on creativity, a welcoming approach and mutual exchange of know-how, where the customer is the unconditional leading player of the production process.


These new company areas therefore have cutting-edge, state-of-the-art equipment, where all customers can find the perfect platform for gaining new technical and professional skills and for taking part in various types of company events and initiatives. Perfectly in line with OMS’s philosophy, which has always been actively involved in organising training courses for staff divided by their level of expertise, being able to rely on the outstanding professionalism of our teaching staff who have developed decades of experience in the sector, the new project is

proof of another step forward in training die-casting companies as a contribution towards business continuity and the special relationship with our customers. Dialogue, listening, networking and sharing: the underlying values of OMS’s development create a model of flexible interaction and an open industrial environment, where all stakeholders can learn new things, increase their expertise, discover different parts of the company and develop new business opportunities, making our own essential contribution to the market in a modern space

equipped with the best technologies. OMS Presse is once again showing its own commitment in the sector and the company’s desire to make a solid investment in foundries and in training for die-casting companies, making a relentless commitment to be at the forefront of creating a particularly innovative, dynamic and interdisciplinary business environment, based on the exchange of expertise and resources for an increasingly efficient and high-performance future.