Working cell

Working cell

Three words summarize the strenght of our product:

sturdiness, efficiency and productivity.

Due to its optimal combination of technological innovation, technical know-how and deep knowledge of this sector, OMS Presse is today an ideal partner for foundries working in the sector of light alloy die-casting. It can meet any specific requirement of operators in this field. The use of a 3D software and the highly qualified and specialized staff enable OMS Presse to design and manufacture systems studied in depth in order to meet the most complex supply specifications. The Company has the goal of offering effective, efficient and high-yield solutions for all customers and meet any request and specific

requirement. This is why OMS Presse is a leading company in designing and engineering highly customized die-casting cell suitable for the parts to be produced. OMS Presse supports customers by offering its professional consultancy services for creating “ready-to-use” light alloy die-casting islands. It designs projects including all peripheral devices: press, loader, lubricator, furnace, robot, trimming machine, temperature regulation units, under-vacuum and smoke extraction systems. All components are interfaced with a master PC, which deals with programming and managing alarms.

OMS Presse is the ideal partner for the definition and implementation of the production process, the engineering and construction of dies, the optimization of cycle times and the EC marking in accordance with the Standards in force and the risk analysis. OMS also focuses on ecological issues and therefore designs and manufactures die-casting islands with a very low environmental impact which make it possible to achieve two very important goals: a reduction of energy consumption and a decrease in the operating costs. This leads to higher productivity and a lower impact on the ecosystem.